GFM is a SEC-registered non-stock, non-profit foundation that works with Christian churches, organizations, and individuals to help OFWs and their families to do Kingdom work.

Purpose: To make overseas Filipino workers and their families witnesses for Christ
Vision: Empowered overseas Filipino workers and their families who transform nations
Mission: Mobilize the Body of Christ to equip overseas Filipino workers and their families to do Kingdom work
Goal: Caring, building, and empowering overseas Filipino workers and their families


OFW Help

  • Provides FREE assistance on OFW issues such as illegal recruitment, illegal termination, unpaid salaries, repatriation, abuse by employer, imprisonment, etc.

Seminars for OFW Families

  • BBKD (Batas, Benepisyo, Karapatan, Depensa): aims to educate future and present OFWs on the benefits that they might not be availing of, laws that are protecting them, rights that they have, and defenses that can equip them for the challenges of working abroad.
  • Gender and Health: educates the OFWs about the health vulnerabilities of working abroad as well as benefits and rights given by the government to OFWs
  • Financial Stewardship: aims to educate the OFWs or OFW family members on how to better take care of their resources as a steward of God
  • OFW Husband & Wife: discusses the unique marriage of OFW couples and how to survive the odds
  • OFW Parenting: discusses the peculiar situation of OFW parents and how to manage
  • Planning for “Life After Your Overseas Job:” discusses the Exit Plan and how to make one

Trainings for the OFW Ministry

  • Vision Casting
  • OFW Ministry 101: How to start an OFW Ministry through Support Group
  • Helpdesk Training
  • Anti-Illegal Recruitment
  • Capability Enhancement Training (in partnership with POEA)


  • OFW Sagot Kita! on DZAS (every Thursday 8:30-9:30am)
  • Smart ang Pinoy Hong Kong newspaper
  • Film showing of “Confessions of Grace”
  • Official media partner: Pilipino Mirror
  • Website: www.globalfilipinomovement.com
  • Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gfmfi


  • OFW Family Day
  • Livelihood Webinars
  • Forums on OFW Issues
  • Conference on OFW Ministry
  • OFW Family Camp
  • OFW Business Summit