Our tagline in GFM is “your OFW ministry partner” because that’s what we aim to be.  We are present in all stages of the OFW journey from conceptualization to reintegration. Here are a list of things that GFM does for the OFWs:

  • Helpdesk for OFW concerns

We help OFWs wherever they are and whatever circumstance they’re in. We’ve helped in all sorts of concerns ranging from illegal recruitment, sickness, unpaid salaries, sickness, deportation, and even death benefit claims.

  • Informative seminars for OFWs and OFW families

Most OFWs and even their families, don’t know anything about the services and programs that the government has for them. All they look forward to is going abroad and the compensation their employers will give to them. The truth is, the government has good programs for OFWs and their weakness is the information dissemination. With our list of seminars, we hope to inform the OFWs of the things they often miss. Not only from the programs that the government offers, but also from other OFW-centered organizations.

  • Trainings to start an OFW ministry

Since 2017, we have trained more than 300 churches on how to start an advocacy among OFWs and their families. These trainings involved how to care for OFW families, establishing support groups, partnering with their local government units (LGUs) to fight against illegal recruitment and trafficking in persons through information dissemination and education. To date, we have at least more than 100 churches whom we call Global Filipino Centers (GFCs) who are actively involved in their church and community in empowering OFWs and their families.

  • Partnership activities

Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, we continue serving our modern-day heroes. Through our Facebook page, hotline numbers and website, we are able to receive cases from OFWs here and abroad. We provide assistance by endorsing them to the respective government institutions (DFA OUMWA, POEA, OWWA, NRCO, NLRC, etc.) and respective LGUs.

With our partners, we carry on with what we have established. We persistently follow up our trained volunteers so they, too, can look after the needs of our Kababayang OFWs.

We started providing:

  • Livelihood Webinars for OFWs
  • Training Webinars for GFC Volunteers
  • Free Counseling and debriefing for Distressed OFWs

July 15, 2020 marked the day we launched our 1-hour program through Facebook Live, “Gabay ng Manggagawang Filipino Abroad”. We go live every Wednesday, 1 PM (Philippine Time). We started this program believing that we empower OFWs and their families by educating them on the rights and benefits they are entitled to and to serve our kababayang OFWs in times like this pandemic. We invite guests from different government institutions and like-minded organizations so that relevant information can be accessed by our OFWs whether here in the Philippines or abroad.

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